Home Depot Sculpture Class

Unreasonable Objects – The Home Depot Edition

Instructor Patrick Melroy

Exercise – Team Sculpture Build

Execute a sculpture in-store with materials available for sale. Students will work in teams to assemble projects from items for sale at Home Depot. Students should assemble their sculptures on the shopping carts, buckets, or baskets that the company provides to assist shoppers. Students are not required to purchase their completed object, but it is encouraged.


Do not render any Home Depot merchandise unsellable, this means no opening packages or removing price tags. You must utilize the material in a way that will not harm Home Depot.

Do not inhibit other shoppers in the store.

Sculptures should remain mobile.

No opening liquids or anything that has a fume.

Follow all Home Depot Employee instructions. If you are asked to leave than you failed to play inside the boundaries, and that sucks. I still like you.

If a Home Depot Employee questions your activities, be honest, say “You are shopping for an art project and if it comes together correctly you may purchase everything in your cart.”

Home Depot Employees are cool people, be cool to them.

Other improvisations or questions, come find me.

All sculptures must be photographed before they will be considered complete.

You have approximately two hours to complete your project.

You may present your project for critique twice, the instructor reserves the right to send you back to build more.

All sculptures must have a title.

Our class from the College of Creative Studies UCSB met at Home Depot and under the watchful eye of some very friendly and helpful orange apronned employees executed several very inventive projects. They had two hours to assemble their projects. We had no complaints from staff and the students found another working environment and materials center. The results follow.