Quest @ CAF Forum Lounge

On July 5th, artists Patrick Melroy, Samantha Fretwell, and Katy McCarthy from the Uppur Bunk Collaborative Art Space orchestrated an experimental performance that humorously merged the art world with the digital gaming world. At CAF, guests wandered through an interactive art experience progressing through the show by gathering tokens and talismans along their journey to the upper echelons of the art world. Big thanks to the brave Heather Jeno Silva at CAF for inviting us in to perform as a part of the Forum Lounge series and to CAF for having us. Thanks to Brett Harrison and Sophie Leddick for all their assistance. Photos below by Troy David and Robert Redfield( (Troy David Photo). Endless thank-yous to our crew of performers, you were all fabulous.

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Claire Bredenoord, Stephanie Brennan, Melissa Chhan, Jeff Clark, Heather Clark, Tyson Crandall, Raymond Douglas, Nicole Fletcher, Elizabeth Folk, Jeffrey Fountain, Elizabeth Kunath, Alex Modugno, Sal Muñoz, Madelyn Nevensen, Cassandra Ramhap, Hector Sanchez, Luther Tate, Jenny Vargas, and Marisa Wrobleski.

Quest was presented in the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum during the UCSB MFA Thesis show. Many of the objects featured in these photos are the art works of the MFA Graduates of 2012. More information about them can be found at UCSB Art Department MFA