Astro Flowers


In May of 2013 The Lancaster Museum of Art and History invited Jennifer Vanderpool to produce a new work for their spring show. Jen invited me to collaborate with her on a project titled Astro Flowers. We addressed the history of Lancaster as an aerospace hub. Re-imagining the U.S. Space missions of the sixties as an endeavor to beautify space. We asked the question, “What if the mission was to put flowers into outer space rather than just humans.” MOAH gave us the front wall of their entrance. It stretched two stories and we had a very tight install window. We created in our studios a sixteen foot square paper work with re-imagined early space imagery. Over the top of this paperwork we installed a sixteen foot diameter kinetic spoked space orbit device. Which allowed patrons to spin a ship from our Flower Brigade up into the second story mezzanine.  Jennifer Vanderpool WebAstro Flowers 14




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