Patrick Melroy Online Portfolio

Online portfolio.

1) Build an Axe Workshop – participants assembled an axe and sheath, then learned to split wood.


2) How We Carry – Fabric and wood wall hangings installed at Elephant Project in Los Angeles.


3) Author’s Hammer – a new hammer half submerged in 126lbs of concrete that the artist then unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve from the 1ft cube block. Authors Hammer 03

4) Gun Control – a metal sign with interchangeable metal numbers, modeled on workplace safety signs, installed at Gallery 555 in Detroit MI.We Need a LAST time 1

5) AstroFlowers -Kinetic spinning spokes tipped with re-purposed model space ships over a propaganda background depicting a fictitious space program whose mission is to spread flowers around the galaxy, installed for the Lancaster Museum of Art & History.

Astro Flowers 9

6) Everyone Claims This – twenty six custom sewn flags on one custom 50′ flagpole – In collaboration with High Desert Test Sites and Monte Vista Project for Spectacular Subdivision installed in Wonder Valley.


7) Funk Field Station – Cardboard radio set with interior for performer to operate, the Funk field station was an installation for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, to create an interactive art experience in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara.

Cardboard Radio Console

Cardboard Radio Console

8) Quest – Large scale site specific installation for 300 participants at MCASB. Full submersion into an interactive art experience in which participants sought out hundreds of hidden objects.

08 Melroy Quest_Mix

9) Folding Table – Los Angeles, the audience was provided with a table, 300 cotton handkerchiefs, wrapping paper and die cut self adhesive stickers. The intent was to allow for innovation by the audience in wrapping the take-a-ways.

09 Melroy Folding_mix

10) Department of Future Fortunes – Santa Barbara Museum of Art – installation with twenty performers creating a fictional bureaucracy in which 450 participants moved through collecting paperwork that lead to a back room and the promise of a fortune, all walls and furniture constructed or modified specifically for piece.

10 Melroy Fortune_Mix

11) 33 & 1/3rd – wooden race track and rolling steel stairs, built as an oversize pine wood derby track, several artists were invited to construct cars for competition at the opening, cheating was encouraged.

11 Melroy Race Track

12) Touch Box – built on site in Joshua Tree, this box was an eco cooling box with a fur lined slot for participants to insert hands and arms to be cooled in the desert heat.

12 Melroy Touch Box

13) – I’d Ladder Be Up There – wooden pull down attic ladder installed in ceiling of renovated building to give access to hidden cavern above offices.

13 Melroy Ladder

14) Tanks – wooden tanks with rollers built on drawings done by the artist as a child.

14 Melroy tanks

15) Room for Five – five connected swinging seats built on the model of the artists elementary school play ground.

15 Melroy Swings Mix

16) 9lb – sledge hammer with 35lb counter weight pivoting on 8′ greased all thread. The hammer swung freely when shoved creating a six foot circle each rotation as it wound down to the ground or up to the ceiling.

16 Melroy Hammer

17) 40 Person Hammock – a hammock which would hold about forty people.

17 Melroy Hammock

18) Desire Bridge – wooden replica of the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon, installed on desire paths to allow traversing muddy spots.

18 Melroy Burnside

19) Lucky Penny – custom engraved stamp which when struck into a penny left the imprint “LUCKY” these pennies were then dispersed by the hundreds around locations in need of luck, unemployment office, basketball arena, and so on…

19 Melroy Lucky

20) Easter Development – four large wooden replicas of the Easter Island Moai – located in a deserted housing development in the artist’s home town of Ridgefield Washington.

20 Melroy Easter Dev

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